Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Make over here I come!

I am well and truly overdue for some 'ME' time and am desperately in need a re-fresher in the looks department!

I am ashamed to admit it but it has been 4 very long months since my last trip to the hairdresser and for a blonde, this is a huge no no. I have way too much re-growth and am in desperate need of foils and a style cut. The trouble is when you have with two little girls (7 mths + 2 ½ yrs) + husband and your trying to build a new business, time & energy are in short supply. Much to my disappointment, I have had to put off my trip to the hair salon for months now but tomorrow I am finally going!

Excitement and relief is what I am feeling; excitement because I very rarely get to spoil myself and have some mummy 'me' time without the children and husband in toe; and relief as I will finally be able to end the embarrassment I feel every time I go out with my hair looking the way it does. A bit vain?? Well maybe but I like to take pride in my appearance when I go out, so having terrible hair for months on end has just made me crazy.

Anyway it is all about to end and I can’t wait to feel back to my normal self again :) The below image is the inspiration for my trip to the hair salon, I just loved this image from her hair
colour is just devine.

Brenda xx

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