Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Mid Week Inspiration

I have lots to do this week before Crazy Teapot showcases in the 'Made it Myself' market this Saturday in Mackay. I keep catching myself running around in circles jumping between 20 different projects that I am trying to complete for the event but need to just take a minute and stop.

Time to stop and re-focus, complete one project then move onto the next otherwise nothing will be finished in time. The best way for me to do this is be inspired by some beautiful images. Below I have shared some of them with you below - I hope they give you some mid week inspiration too!

My workroom Inspiration Board

Sarina Coastline - Whitsundays

Vernazza Umbrella's

 Art Nouveau Mermaid - by Megan Rose Gedris

Isle of Carpi

 A Crazy Teapot tea party

Country Style image by Prue Ruscoe
  Brenda xx

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