Sunday, 13 November 2011

Style time for Anniversary Dinner

I am so far behind with everything this year that I totally forgot we were in November last week which meant I also forgot our wedding anniversary (whoops!) but thankfully my dear husband was in the same boat and also forgot, it was only after talking with my dad that I was reminded. My husband and I both had a laugh and forgave each other quickly but then thought should we do something??? very last minute we were offered by our lovely live in family members a night out while they would look after the kids. An evening out is a super rarity for us so this was a nice treat.

Then next big question was - what will I wear??

I had purchased a lovely coral coloured button through collared dress with pockets a few months ago and hadn't had a chance to wear it so thought this would be a great opportunity and I teamed it with a cream + navy slim belt around the waist along my gorgeous navy vintage 50s handbag and some lovely coral high heels which have been sitting tucked away since last years Melbourne Cup.

The results are below and it felt great to get dressed up for a night out, even though I am styling and designing in my head every day it is not so often that I get to do it in reality. Running around after two small children everyday usually means that casual wear wins in my fashion stakes. I do remind myself though that I should make an effort at least once a week to dress that extra bit special when I have to go for an outing that doesn't involve rolling around on the floor with the children, so that i get to feel good about myself and am reminded about my other i love - FASHION!

Brenda xx

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