Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Visual Communication what a Splendour!

I'm a visual person, always have been and I think this is why I was drawn into the art and fashion world from a very young age, as it was able to communicate to me in a way that nothing else could. Everyone is different and has their struggles and talents and one of my struggles growing up was mainstream learning and I truly believe now that the reason was because I needed to see everything visually in my head to work things out.

This can be very frustrating but also beautiful at the same time; frustrating because while my friends could read a novel in a day, it will take me a lot longer as I needed to play out the whole story/sets/scenes in my head visually (without any distractions). I don't know how it is not possible to do this, which made studying for subjects like maths difficult as I would constantly need to visualise all the figures and equations in my head to work them out. But at the same time it could be beautiful as I could visualise the most amazing things and wonder how those who didn't could get the same enjoyment out of a book without doing so? Its also taught me over time to become quick at problem solving and maths with little tricks I would invent to visualise numbers fast to work sums out, (I'm actually now much faster than my husband at working out sums and he is studying engineering) so it has taught me to make do with the skills I have and use them to the best of my ability.

My talents however in fashion, designing, sewing, art, anything creative really were definitely benefited by  being a visual person as all the details are so clear to me and makes the how process so much more enjoyable. I spent a long time growing up struggling wondering why my learning capabilities were not the same as others and why I was always behind in the mainstream subjects but excelled in the creative subjects but I am proud of this now. I had to work very hard to perform well in those mainstream subjects which has benifited me later in life as I am now quick to switch on the visual aids in my head :)

Anyway all of that was really just to give you a background story as to why I love Pinterest, if you havent caught the Pinterest bug yet then I'm going to help you along. I personally love having all my inspiration just a click away and kept in a well organised form that is all easy to find and easy to add to. There is a whole world of wonderful images out there waiting to be collected to inspire your next race day event, wedding, cooking or DIY project, holiday dream destinations and so much more.

I'm going to do a weekly post on Crazy Teapot's favorite lovely, beautiful, inspiring and magical Pins from our Pin Boards, so sign up, follow us and start pinning you'll love it!

Here is this weeks collection of lovely beauties to inspire you :)

Brenda :)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mackay Harbour Beach Horse Races this weekend!

Image Source

I am really looking forward to this Sunday, not because I want to have a lazy Sunday lying around but because I cant wait for the Mackay Harbour Beach Horse Races! Its the first time I've had the chance to go and this year Crazy Teapot is very fortunate to be involved with fantastic event. We will have a display in the 'History of Hats' Marque they will have set up on the day, where you can browse through and look at a history of many wonderful hats/headpieces including the wonderful Crazy Teapot collection.

They have organised what I think will be a fabulous day out for the whole family with many different ticket options with various inclusions. (below information collected from Mackay Harbour Beach Race Day website:

Australia's only non-official Race Day will Feature 7 Horse Races over 600mt sand course along Mackay's beautiful Harbour Beach!  

• Live Latino Band in the Park
• Food Court with Wine Bar (featuring many of Mackay's best caterers!)
• Jazz Band in the Car Park
• Junior & Senior "Fashions on the Sand Competition"
• Dedicated "Kid's Kingdom" (Kid's entertainment and activities)
• "History of Hat's Exhibition" - CRAZY TEAPOT will be displaying here!!
• Fully Licensed Areas

• Races are competed over a 600m straight sand course on the Mackay Harbour Beach
• Winners of Races 1-6 receive $500 Cash + Trophy. All losing horses receive $100 in prizes
• All winning horses are invited to compete in the "Broo Beach Classic" to be run as Race 7 at approx. 3.15pm. If a winning horse from races 1-6 declines the invitation to compete in the "Broo Beach Classic" the offer will be given to the horse that came second
• The winner of the "Broo Beach Classic" receives $20,000 CASH + TROPHY
• All other horses competing in the "Broo Beach Classic" will receive $500 in prizes
• The winner of the Jockey's Challenge & Trainer's Challenge will each receive $500 in prizes


Below is an image of the event map which shows all the fantastic events and activities for the day including the huge Kids Kingdom which my kids will most likely be spending most of the day at :)
Image Source

Now if you haven't booked your tickets you still can through the MECC or you can pay extra and buy tickets on the day at the gate. So if your in the Mackay/Whitsundays area I hope we see you there, its going to be a great day out for the whole family!

Brenda :)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Press Release Crazy Teapot 2012 Headwear Collection

Press Release 
MACKAY, QLD Australia, August 13th, 2012


Like Coco Chanel before her, Brenda Lui is both a Fashion and Accessory Designer. Her much awaited 2012 Accessory Headwear collection for the label “Crazy Teapot” is a blend of elegance, glamour, simplicity and cutting edge creativity – with a twist.  The bespoke designs in many ways, a reflection of the past, re-interpreted for a sophisticated, style conscious woman swathed in modernity. Its all about “Hattitude.

Ms Luis penchant for vintage fabrics, vintage patterns and fascination for textiles and the lavish embellishments of a bygone era has seen her acquire an enviable assortment of charming ribbons and vintage lace from “rare & collectibles” which adorn her range of ladies fascinators, head pieces, headbands, clips and brooches. Fabric, crystals, veiling, straw, feathers, diamantes, ribbon and many other materials are sourced and used as inspiration for many her pieces. And once again, like Coco Chanel, Ms Luis inspiration has come from observing street styles, stage and theatre and costumes from the golden years of Hollywood cinema. Ms Lui has meticulously imbibed the intricate handmade techniques from the Masters of Accessory Designers past.

Upon graduating from an Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design in 2000, Ms Lui immersed herself in the fashion industry working with various fashion houses while also tirelessly working on the launch of her fashion label “Crazy Teapot” in 2004. With Ms Lui at the design helm, the range was a hit with savvy fashionistas wanting vintage inspired fashion with attitude. Providing the personal touch for her loyal clientele was a hallmark of her professionalism and in an effort to complete her clients looks Ms Lui was frequently called upon to design stunning headpieces to complete an ensemble.

Word of Ms Luis design expertise spread whereby she was creating stunning, one-off designs for brides, race goers and the like. Her designer contemporaries too sought to enlist her talents; she was commissioned to create architectural, show-stopping head wear for George Wu and Gina Kim. This momentum culminated in Ms Lui dedicating herself solely to designing headwear for her label Crazy Teapot.  The range is a testament to Ms Luis design flair; in fact, this collection is a fusion between fashion and design and is available view in full at the Crazy Teapot online boutique

Consultations are welcomed in the virtual sense via email & telephone or in person, Ms Luis intimate Mackay studio-based on Queenslands Central Coastline, is part- workroom, part-showroom and visits are by appointment only. This is to ensure that customers receive the best attention and that she also has time to dream up and craft her fabulous creations.

The Crazy Teapot label and Online Boutique combine a fabulous melting pot of beautiful and feminine handmade Millinery, Accessory and Fashion pieces for Race Goers, Brides to be and Fashionistas alike. Mixed with a beautiful collection of hand selected Vintage and Pre-loved fashion items that complement the Crazy Teapot brand, will surely become one of your NEW favourite online shopping boutiques.

For more information please contact:

Ms Brenda Lui
Crazy Teapot
Postal Address: PO Box 3893, Mackay North, QLD 4740
Studio: 1/1 Shelley Court, Andergrove, QLD 4740
Mobile: 0411 491 412

 NB: High definition photographs available on request

Wholesale Enquiries Welcome

Thursday, 9 August 2012

*Bespoke* Magazine Issue 7

*Bespoke* Magazine issue 7 is on sale now in print or digitally online

Have you had the pleasure of reading this beautiful little crafty and artistic magazine *Bespoke* yet? Well if you haven't I'm just saying you should.

I discovered this lovely little A5 size magazine earlier in the year while trolling the internet looking for inspiration. I was delighted when I was instantly able to download my digital version online for only $6 (you can also purchase a beautiful print copy for $10). I was really impressed as I scanned through the pages at the quality of gorgeous images and artwork, inspiring stories and the creative talent they had featured.

After being so impressed by my digital copy I decided to purchase a print version as well, which is just beautiful and handy being an A5 size that I can just pop it in my bag and carry with me to flip through and keep inspired when I'm out and waiting around for something.

I was so impressed with this little mag, along with their media kit that I decided to take out an ad in their Issue 7 which is now on sale. The ad is on the inside rear cover of the magazine which we think looks fantastic!
Crazy Teapot ad in the latest issue of *Bespoke* magazine

Grab yourself a copy and enjoy!

Brenda :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

Busy little bee :)

Its been a while since my last post and that's due to a few reasons, such as moving house and studio again....(Crazy 6th time in the last year!) along with working heaps on the Crazy Teapot's business, marketing and figuring out what direction we should be going etc etc...

Anyhow with all of this going on and more plus dealing with all the duties of having a busy family life with small children has pretty much zapped all my spare time but I thought it was about time I got back into the regular swing of blogging, so I now aim to do 1 to 2 posts each week and see how that goes.

Here is a few images of what I have been up to over the past month or so...

Enjoying a rare Fashion Event in Mackay at the Jason Chetcuti showcase in July with Inge Hilhorst from Hustle and Flo Vintage Designs

Had another great write up in the Daily Mercury Newspaper in July for Crazy Teapot new collection
Putting together and sending out the Crazy Teapot Press Releases for our new season collection
Working on custom designs for my lovely customers
Setting up a new studio after moving again but so happy to now have a fantastic workspace in Andergrove.

Picked up this gorgeous little vintage print when op shopping, of the 'Giselle' Ballet' and its now sitting pretty in my new studio :)

 Brenda :)