Thursday, 9 August 2012

*Bespoke* Magazine Issue 7

*Bespoke* Magazine issue 7 is on sale now in print or digitally online

Have you had the pleasure of reading this beautiful little crafty and artistic magazine *Bespoke* yet? Well if you haven't I'm just saying you should.

I discovered this lovely little A5 size magazine earlier in the year while trolling the internet looking for inspiration. I was delighted when I was instantly able to download my digital version online for only $6 (you can also purchase a beautiful print copy for $10). I was really impressed as I scanned through the pages at the quality of gorgeous images and artwork, inspiring stories and the creative talent they had featured.

After being so impressed by my digital copy I decided to purchase a print version as well, which is just beautiful and handy being an A5 size that I can just pop it in my bag and carry with me to flip through and keep inspired when I'm out and waiting around for something.

I was so impressed with this little mag, along with their media kit that I decided to take out an ad in their Issue 7 which is now on sale. The ad is on the inside rear cover of the magazine which we think looks fantastic!
Crazy Teapot ad in the latest issue of *Bespoke* magazine

Grab yourself a copy and enjoy!

Brenda :)

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