Monday, 6 August 2012

Busy little bee :)

Its been a while since my last post and that's due to a few reasons, such as moving house and studio again....(Crazy 6th time in the last year!) along with working heaps on the Crazy Teapot's business, marketing and figuring out what direction we should be going etc etc...

Anyhow with all of this going on and more plus dealing with all the duties of having a busy family life with small children has pretty much zapped all my spare time but I thought it was about time I got back into the regular swing of blogging, so I now aim to do 1 to 2 posts each week and see how that goes.

Here is a few images of what I have been up to over the past month or so...

Enjoying a rare Fashion Event in Mackay at the Jason Chetcuti showcase in July with Inge Hilhorst from Hustle and Flo Vintage Designs

Had another great write up in the Daily Mercury Newspaper in July for Crazy Teapot new collection
Putting together and sending out the Crazy Teapot Press Releases for our new season collection
Working on custom designs for my lovely customers
Setting up a new studio after moving again but so happy to now have a fantastic workspace in Andergrove.

Picked up this gorgeous little vintage print when op shopping, of the 'Giselle' Ballet' and its now sitting pretty in my new studio :)

 Brenda :)

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