Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Visual Communication what a Splendour!

I'm a visual person, always have been and I think this is why I was drawn into the art and fashion world from a very young age, as it was able to communicate to me in a way that nothing else could. Everyone is different and has their struggles and talents and one of my struggles growing up was mainstream learning and I truly believe now that the reason was because I needed to see everything visually in my head to work things out.

This can be very frustrating but also beautiful at the same time; frustrating because while my friends could read a novel in a day, it will take me a lot longer as I needed to play out the whole story/sets/scenes in my head visually (without any distractions). I don't know how it is not possible to do this, which made studying for subjects like maths difficult as I would constantly need to visualise all the figures and equations in my head to work them out. But at the same time it could be beautiful as I could visualise the most amazing things and wonder how those who didn't could get the same enjoyment out of a book without doing so? Its also taught me over time to become quick at problem solving and maths with little tricks I would invent to visualise numbers fast to work sums out, (I'm actually now much faster than my husband at working out sums and he is studying engineering) so it has taught me to make do with the skills I have and use them to the best of my ability.

My talents however in fashion, designing, sewing, art, anything creative really were definitely benefited by  being a visual person as all the details are so clear to me and makes the how process so much more enjoyable. I spent a long time growing up struggling wondering why my learning capabilities were not the same as others and why I was always behind in the mainstream subjects but excelled in the creative subjects but I am proud of this now. I had to work very hard to perform well in those mainstream subjects which has benifited me later in life as I am now quick to switch on the visual aids in my head :)

Anyway all of that was really just to give you a background story as to why I love Pinterest, if you havent caught the Pinterest bug yet then I'm going to help you along. I personally love having all my inspiration just a click away and kept in a well organised form that is all easy to find and easy to add to. There is a whole world of wonderful images out there waiting to be collected to inspire your next race day event, wedding, cooking or DIY project, holiday dream destinations and so much more.

I'm going to do a weekly post on Crazy Teapot's favorite lovely, beautiful, inspiring and magical Pins from our Pin Boards, so sign up, follow us and start pinning you'll love it!

Here is this weeks collection of lovely beauties to inspire you :)

Brenda :)

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